17/04/2020 Letter from Principal

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17/04/2020 Letter from Principal

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Letter from Principal 2 April 17th (same as the below article)


17th April 2020

Dear Parents, Guardians and Pupils,

Hope you and all your extended family are keeping safe and well and that you had a happy Easter.  It was great news to hear that the Easter Bunny was allowed to travel outside the 2km to deliver those well deserved Easter Eggs !

We know from the busy activity on our website for the previous 3 weeks before Easter, despite all the unprecedented events, pupils still managed to keep in touch with their school-work while also learning how to develop a whole new set of skills including, how to timetable their day, enjoy exercise at a 2km limit, play games, help out at home and stay in touch remotely with their school friends.  Skills for life without a doubt!

I would like to thank all the parents and guardians for all the support you have given your children at home.  It is not an easy task to balance all the tasks you now have to complete at home as well as trying to keep healthy in both mind and body.

On Monday next April 20th, we would have been due to go back to School.  However, as you are aware the school closure period has been extended until further notice.  In this regard, we will need to continue our distance learning.  Again, as we did prior to Easter, each teacher will post a menu of work for their class to choose from on our school website under “Covid 19 school work”.  This menu contains a mixture of curricular activities, in-door and out-door options as well as suggested activities from useful and interesting websites, RTE Home School Hub and a host of free activities now on-line.

Being a difficult and unique situation for all, I would once again like to stress that there is no pressure on parents/guardians to supervise the completion of all the suggested work .  Every child is being asked to do their best to complete the work they can, enjoy the suggested activities, take the opportunity to read as much as possible and hopefully enjoy the outdoors with the hope of continued fine weather.

As mentioned in my previous letter, we are introducing an on-line platform called Seesaw in some classes for term 3. The app based platform will complement the work being outlined in our school website and will allow some interaction between pupils and class teacher.   We understand that it may not be appropriate or practical for your child to engage with this platform.  There is adequate work on the website to ensure that progress can be made and that work can be completed by all pupils.   If your class is going to be engaged with the online platform called Seesaw, class teachers will send you a text containing a unique learning code. All you need to do is follow the steps below:

  1. Go to www.seesaw.me on a computer (or install the seesaw Ios or the Android app) Click “Log in” on top right hand corner of homepage.
  2. Click “I am a student”
  3. Type in Home learning code (which you will have received from teacher)
  4. View Announcements and Activities assigned by your teacher.
  5. Post to your Journal in response to work assigned by the teacher.
  6. Remember, the code is like a password  B. Keep it safe !!!

I have added a separate page on our website called “Seesaw Info” giving further information for parents/guardians with an FAQ section.  There is also a facility for Special Education Teachers to be involved with their students.

Under an EU law called The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), in order for your child to use Seesaw, the school will need to get your consent.  To make life easier in the present circumstances  and to avoid administration issues, please send an email to [email protected]   if you do NOT consent to your child using Seesaw.

Finally, as teachers and for me as Principal, we will continue to miss your smiling faces on the school yard each morning but we are hoping that as soon as it is possible, we will once again welcome you back to St John’s National School to continue your learning journey.  In the meantime, stay safe and take care.



Denis Courtney

Principal and staff