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4th Class Mobile Phone Initiative Dec 2018

4th Class Mobile Phone Initiative Dec 2018


Two weeks into our Mobile Phone initiative and the results are in! 

In November, Pupils from 4th Class in St. John’s began a pilot initiative to cut down on the use of mobile phones and gaming during the week in an effort to improve concentration and language. 

While we can all see the benefits of technology and embrace the modern age, we feel that we need a healthy balance in our lives as too much technology can have an impact on attentiveness, focus and mood.  

We are very grateful to both students and Parents in 4th Class for embracing this initiative in a positive manner and for providing feedback so that we can use the results to structure future initiatives.  

Click on the links below to view comments from Parents and Pupils on the Initiative.  Overall the observations are positive from both Parents and Pupils!  Well done all!  

Parent’s Comments 4th Class

Pupil’s Comments 4th Class