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Handwriting Winners February 2020

Congratulations to the following students on their amazing results in the Community Games Handwriting Competition! 👏😍🤗

Gold 1st Place
▪︎ Lilia Hickson (Ms. M. O’Sullivan’s 3rd)
▪︎ Ellie Mae Clifford (Ms. M. O’Sullivan’s 3rd)

Silver 2nd Place
▪︎ Eve O’Sullivan Casey (Ms. M. O’Sullivan’s 3rd)
▪︎ Laura Stauch (Ms. M. O’Sullivan’s 3rd)

Bronze 3rd Place
▪︎ Maja Wojandzka (Ms. M. O’Sullivan’s 3rd) (Missing from the photo).
▪︎ Emily Moore (Ms. M. O’Sullivan’s 3rd)
▪︎ Jimmy McGann (Ms. C. O’Sullivan’s 4th) (Missing from the photo).
▪︎ Daniel O’Sullivan (Ms. M. O’Sullivan’s 3rd)

4th Place
▪︎ Aliga Zielinska (Ms. M. O’Sullivan’s 3rd)
▪︎ Simon McGuinness (Mr. Hussey’s 5th)

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Pancake Tuesday February 2020

Some students enjoying delicious pancakes for Pancake Tuesday 2020! 😍🥞🤗 Thanks to our hard-working chefs Annette, Nora and Julie for feeding all our students and staff with nearly 500 pancakes! Thanks also to our waiters and waitresses from 6th Class who dished out the toppings! Some very satisfied tummies today!! 💖🥰

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Lourdes Fundraiser February 2020

A huge thank you for the enormous support we received on Friday for our Cake Sale in aid of Mr. Courtney’s Lourdes Charity Cycle at Easter! Thank you to Parents and Students who baked a delicious variety of treats, to the community for calling in and contributing to the fundraiser, to the staff for their help and organisation and to the 6th Class Pupils who organised and ran the event for the day! It was their outstanding entrepreneurial skills that aided us in raising an incredible €1610.50! We are truly grateful to each and everyone of you for your generosity! We are so lucky to live in such a caring and supportive community!! Míle buíochas!

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Road Safety Juniors February 2020

Ms. Costello’s and Ms. Iver’s Junior Infants were very busy this week learning all about Road Safety. They learned about the Safe Cross Code and how important it is to be seen when out cycling and walking. They even practised crossing the road safely using all the skills that they learned. Well done boys and girls! 👏🥰

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Relax for Kids Yoga February 2020

Junior Infants at their Relax for Kids Yoga Class with Joan today!

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SEAI Workshop Mr. Hussey 5th February 2020

Mr Hussey’s 5th class took part in a workshop with the SEAI last week that taught them all about sustainable energy, the principles of energy, the current global problems and what we can do to help and the science of energy and climate change! This was a brilliant hands-on workshop that was an engaging and practical way of learning for the pupils on such an important topic!

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Credit Union Winners February 2020

Big congratulations to our U11 winners in today’s Credit Union quiz! Orla O’Reilly, Laura Stauch, Tiernan O’Shea and Billy Lynch. A brilliant win after a very tough competition! Well done all!! 😀👏🤩