St. John’s National School is a mixed Primary school with just over 400 pupils and a staff of twenty two teachers, five Special Needs Assistants, two Part-time Caretaker / Cleaners and two part-time Secretaries.

We are a Catholic school with a long tradition in Kenmare for handing on the faith and promoting high moral standards, mutual respect, care for others and a strong work ethic. We welcome pupils from all faiths and nationalities. Our school operates in a community which supports us very well, and we are always grateful for the level of faith and trust our parents place in us to educate their children.

Our positive school climate is central to everything we do at St. John’s National School. We believe that children learn best in the atmosphere of respect and positive reinforcement. We embrace the core Christian values of respect, love and honesty and aim to live these values each day in our interactions with each other as staff members, pupils and all those in our school community. We seek to enrich the lives of all of our pupils and strive to ensure that each student develops to reach his or her own unique potential. We celebrate success and learn from our mistakes, always doing our best in all that we do. We hope that on leaving our school, children will have developed into well rounded, hard-working and confident individuals with a bank of happy memories from their time in our school.

As a school we place a high value on the core subjects of Irish, English and Maths. We see it as important to strive for high levels of literacy and numeracy. Important as the academic domain is, our strongest wish is to foster an interest in lifelong learning amongst our pupils as we promote their personal, social and moral development. We place a strong influence on promoting a healthy lifestyle through healthy eating, participation in a variety of sports including Gaelic football, hurling, soccer, rugby, basketball, badminton, spike ball, athletics and gymnastics. We also place a strong emphasis on promoting the Arts in Education through provision of tuition in Drama, Irish dancing, traditional Irish instrumental music. Our pupils participate in a wide variety of artistic media with emphasis and value placed on each child’s individual talent and effort which are displayed proudly throughout the school. Our school is strongly connected with its local environment and as a Green School is keenly aware of its role in promotion of the Green Schools principles of reducing reusing and recycling. Pupils also have a strong connection with their local physical and historical environment, a strong emphasis being placed on pupils getting to know their local traditional folklore and culture.

We welcome you to our website and hope that you will find it both informative and user friendly.

Denis Courtney,

School Principal.