Homework Policy

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Homework Policy



Homework is given as a means of consolidating and reinforcing work done in school. It provides a link between teacher and parent and encourages parental involvement in their child’s education. We would advise you to check your child’s work and remain in regular contact with the child’s teacher by signing homework every school night.


The following points should also be noted with regards to homework.


  • Set aside a regular time for homework including adequate time for reading, learning by heart as well as written work.
  • The child should be sitting comfortably at a table in a quiet room free from distractions and interruptions.
  • Do not allow children to watch T.V. while doing homework and they should not have access to iPads, tablets, phones etc. at this time.
  • The pupil should have their homework journal/homework sheet beside them and tick off work as it is completed. Homework Journals should be signed each night by parent or guardian after checking that the work is completed satisfactorily. If for any reason homework cannot be done, let the class teacher know by writing a short note.
  • If your child is working independently – be available to help and show interest in what is being done. If you are working with your child and you feel yourself becoming impatient, take a short break and go back to the work a little later. Praise your child’s efforts at every opportunity.
  • Parents should encourage a positive attitude towards all subjects from an early age and should advise their child to do their best work at all times. If your child is persistently having problems with homework, contact the class teacher and discuss the difficulties.


  • Encourage your child to keep books and copies clean and tidy and to take pride in doing their very best work. Ensure your child has all the necessary books and school related items needed for school the following day.
  • The school promotes recreational reading as part of the homework routine or at the other times e.g. bedtime / weekends / breaks. We would appreciate co-operation from all parents / guardians with regard to same.


In order to promote a positive attitude to homework the following rewards are used, reward stickers / stars / stamps / Student of the week / Reader of the week etc. Occasionally one aspect of homework e.g. oral or written will be omitted as an incentive for best effort in group work. The school will periodically award a homework-free night for special occasions or achievements.


While homework is given with the child of average ability in mind, obviously some children will get it completed more quickly than others. Some children may have to complete work begun in school that they did not finish. Time spent on homework will vary from day to day and also from the beginning to the end of the school year. Remember that work completed quickly and carelessly is not work completed properly.

When considering the amount of time spent on homework, one must not include time spent doing another unrelated activity e.g. wandering off to play. Time spent depends on the child’s concentration, ability and application.


If a child is absent from school for lengthy periods due to illness, school personnel will endeavor to help the child keep up with the work of the class. In the event of a child being absent from school for other reasons e.g. holidays, it is our policy that teachers will not set or correct work for individual children. All absences affect the pattern of a child’s schooling and parents need to be mindful of this and avoid children losing out on valuable educational experiences where possible.







Here follows the recommended homework times which should operate in normal circumstances and keeping the above guidelines in mind.


Infants:                                   0-20 mins.

Rang 1 and 2:                       20-30 mins.

Rang 3 and 4:         –             30-40 mins.

Rang 5 and 6:                       40-50 mins.



We have a policy of giving homework from Monday – Thursday.

Weekends are homework free provided homework has been completed on Monday to Thursday.


Parent / Teacher Meetings:

Communication between parent and teacher is vital to ensure that the progress of your child can be monitored. Parent / teacher meetings are held once a year usually in February. However, should you wish to discuss your child’s progress with class teacher or principal we would ask you to make an appointment through the school secretary who will arrange a suitable time for your consultation.