Parental Custody/Separation/Divorce Policy

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Parental Custody/Separation/Divorce Policy

Policy on Parental Custody/Separation/Divorce

The staff of St. John’s National School encourage parents experiencing separation or divorce to come and speak confidentially to the teachers and/or principal. It is our aim to handle such matters with sensitivity and compassion, and ultimately, our primary concern is for the well being and overall development of the child.

1.                 When a child spends time in two homes, it is requested that the school be provided with both sets of emergency/contact numbers.

2.                 It is school policy to offer the option of separate parent/teacher meetings, if so desired (arranged in February). The Principal must be notified in advance of any request for such a meeting.

3.                 It is assumed that when we wish to communicate with parents regarding their child, the parent who is contacted (i.e. the parent with whom the child principally resides) will inform the other parent of meetings, arrangements etc.

Special requests for separate communication can be accommodated by written request by the parent.

4.                 Regarding notes, school communication via schoolbags, school reports etc. it is assumed that the parent with whom the child principally resides will keep the other parent informed.

5.                 Both parents will be treated as equal partners in terms of parenting rights and responsibilities, in the absence of any Court Order to the contrary.

6.                 The school cannot be asked to withhold a child from either parent, in the absence of a court order. A certified copy of this court order must be given to the school, and to the local Gardai.

7.                 The staff of St. John’s N.S. will endeavour at all times to deal sensitively and caringly with children experiencing separation or divorce.