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01/04/2020 2nd Class Mairead Daly


Download Word Document: Week 3 – Mrs Daly’s Second Class


Dear parents/guardians.


Here is some work for the week 30th March – 4th April.  There are also some useful websites that have fun learning based activities for the pupils.


Easter Art Ideas

Spring Tulips using Cubism Art


Design your own Easter Egg



  • Mental Maths 1 block per day
  • Operation Maths: 2D Shape: p 89,90,91
  • Extra Maths activities: Find and list some 2D shapes in your home and garden.
  • Draw a man using as many 2D shapes as you can in your copy and colour each 2D shape a different colour e.g. squares-red, circles-yellow, rectangles-blue and so on….
  • (Maths games)
  • (Maths games)



  • Jolly Grammar- complete next unit p 52+53
  • Easter sentences: Put the following Easter vocabulary into a sentence or write a short story using these words: Easter, Easter egg, Spring, chocolate, treats, bunny, chick, hunt, basket.
  • Handwriting- Just handwriting
  • Reading: Book from home
  • Listen to some stories and read along as they are being read.



Look up the following Easter words and draw an Easter poster labelling each of these as gaeilge – seacláid, coinín, an Cháisc, ciseán, ubh, sicín, uan, ribín




  • Prayer After Communion- Verse 1 to be learned off by heart. ‘Grow in Love’ p64



  • Ensure you have completed ‘Easter in Ireland’ and ‘ Easter Around the World’ activities in ‘Folens Explorers’

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31/03/2020 4th Class Carol O’Sullivan

Monday 30th of March to Friday 3rd of April

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31/03/2020 Letter from Principal

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I do hope I find you all safe and well. By now you are well aware of the extension to our school closure to April 19th.  Based on well informed predictions and public health uncertainties, we are now looking at schools being closed well after the Easter Holidays.

Having finished school abruptly on March 12th, teachers did their best to plan work for classes and arranged for the necessary books to be brought home.

The school website has also been used to update this work on a regular basis,. Please keep an eye out for texts from individual teachers giving information on suggested work for their pupils.

We, as teachers and as a school are trying to learn on our feet and develop new ways to help you and in this regard, we are hoping to introduce an online platform, after the Easter Holidays, where appropriate and practical, to enhance the school work being assigned and to assess and monitor work being given.

More information on this will follow. This new proposed online platform and homework already assigned is not meant to add to pressure already in homes due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This is an unprecedented emergency and lots of us are feeling stressed and overwhelmed and under pressure.

With this distance-type learning, all we are asking of parents and pupils, is to do their best to complete the suggested tasks. As you know, learning is not only to be found in textbooks. Reading opens up a whole new world for pupils to explore new topics, compete projects, work independently as authors by completing personal diaries and practicing their creative writing skills  .Lego, cooking, playing outside, drawing and making things are all valuable exercises that children can complete during the school week. RTE ‘Home School’ TV and many of the suggested educational apps are also very useful, but should be used wisely so that pupils get a varied timetable of school work, rest, play, TV and internet use as well as being given time to complete household chores.

Don’t worry about your child falling behind if they are unable to complete all their work.  We will return to school, and when we do, the experience and expertise of our teacher’s will ensure that our pupils progress.

Children are also going to be anxious and stressed at this time, we encourage you to talk to them and explain that everything will eventually be okay. They will never forget these times, but should be comforted that the time spent together as a family is worthwhile and necessary and one that they will benefit from and pass on to the next generation.

Therefore, from Friday April 3rd we want you to take the time away from schoolwork to enjoy the Easter holidays with your families. We will be in touch  after the holiday period with further updates on government directives, work for classes and plans for online teaching and learning. Most of all we look forward to the day that we will be able to welcome you all back to school to enjoy engaging with the pupils in their continued learning journey.

Many of you are continuing to go out to work and we understand the pressure that you are under. We particularly salute those of you who are working in the medical profession and in the front line. We are indebted to you for this.

Finally, we continue to wish you all good health, as we come into the Easter season, where this year more than any we have all made great sacrifices We look forward to the happier and joyous days that we hope will follow.

Stay safe and well !



Denis Courtney

Principal and staff

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31/03/2020 1st Class Louise Doyle

Monday 30th of March to Friday 3rd of April.

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31/03/2020 5th Class Ronan Hussey

Mr. Hussey 5th Class                           Monday 30th March – Friday 3rd April